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Fidentum GmbH insolvent - BaFin orders liquidation of Lombardium Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG

Preliminary insolvency proceedings were opened against Fidentum GmbH before the Amtsgericht Hamburg (Hamburg Local Court) on December 4 (Az. 67c IN 473/15). The issuing house offered its clients the L ... Read more

Applications for conciliation only suspend prescription of damages claims if accurate

A lot of investors are entitled to claim damages after an investment has gone wrong. It is possible to suspend the statute of limitations for these claims by properly submitting applications for conci ... Read more

Reimbursement Under New Jersey PIP laws | Callagy Law

When does UCR (the usual, customary and reasonable amount) apply? Original Post: The purpose of this post is to help ... Read more

Tax evasion: Time is running out for voluntary disclosure

Be it as a result of the purchase of CDs containing information on tax evaders or cooperation among countries, things are becoming increasingly difficult for tax evaders. Voluntary disclosure represen ... Read more

Voluntary disclosure is the only solution to tax evasion

Ever since the first CD on tax evaders was purchased in 2006, the number of voluntary declarations concerning tax evasion has risen dramatically. This remains the only way of returning to a state o ... Read more

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