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AFS: New Source of Cash and Credit

Alternative Financial Services (AFS) businesses are a major source of banking and credit services for the un- and under-banked, low-income and working poor consumers...Read more

Using Credit Cards Correctly in Try...

Federal and state laws impose a variety of obligations on credit card companies. These laws regulate areas such as discrimination, information disclosure, billing...Read more

What to Know Before Applying for a ...

Taking out a personal loan generally requires making an application with a bank. If you are approved, you must then sign a promissory note before receiving th...Read more

Banking Law

Banking & Finance - Selecting a Good Lawyer

If you have a banking or finance problem, and you don't already have a list of lawyers you might hire, a great place to start your search is on A few short clicks gets you a list of banking and finance attorneys in your area, complete with telephone numbers, background information and more. And it's free! Look for the Find a Lawyer button on your screen. There are other... Read More

Additional Banking Law Topics

Additional Banking Law Topics